Institution Sainte-Claire

Un collège et un lycée au coeur de Lille

A history of the school

The school was founded in 1895 by the congregation of the sisters of “L’Enfant Jésus”. It was a girls’ school and in the morning the sisters used to give bread for the girls to bring home. The sisters were also doing charity to the homeless and their first mission was to give medical care to poor people. The school used to be called Notre Dame D’Annay. Before being a school, a part of the buildings used to be a hosiery factory. At the origins, at the end of the 19th century, the school was separated in two parts: Sainte Claire for rich pupils and Sainte Anne for poor pupils since the district of “Saint Sauveur” where the school was created used to be populated by the working class.  The name of the school changed and became “Institution Sainte Claire” and there were no more differences between the rich and the poor. There was no occupation during both world wars. In 1970 the school became mixed. In 1995 the school was not run by the sisters any more, since the last sister retired but the congregation still owned the buildings.

Today the “Institution Sainte Claire” is a private Catholic school “sous contrat” which means that it applies the regulations from the French Ministry of Education in terms of content of education/exams/teachers’ employment and training/career counseling but it keeps its religious bonds especially in its mission statement and ethos.

It gathers a junior High School and a High school with approximately 900 pupils and 75 teachers. Its headmaster is Mr Christian Delattre.