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Did you know?


  1. She wasn’t supposed to be a queen.
  2. She reigns on sixteen countries.
  3. She was in the British army during the Second world war.


  1. She has paid taxes since 1993 only.
  2. She sponsors 600 associations.
  3. She sends a letter to every centenarians of her kingdom.
  4. She is one of the queens who has travelled the most.


  1. She has two birthdays. Her real birthday is on April the 21st but she celebrates it officially on Trooping the Colour on the second Saturday of June.
  2. She owns every sturgeon, whale, dolphin and swan of her kingdom.
  3. She is one of the oldest monarchs.

 She has created a breed of dogs; the dorgis

The royal family until 2015


Queen Elizabeth and her dogs.

queenIn Buckingham Palace, there are many Corgis, Corgis is a breed of dogs. The Queen of England has had many dogs: 62. They are as important as the humans. Their bowl is in porcelain. Elisabeth II makes her dogs sit down around her and gives them their food. Her passion has existed since she was 18 years old when her dad gave her her first dog.

But on the day of her 90th birthday she decided to stop taking her dogs with her everywhere she goes because she is scared of falling down.

Queen Elizabeth II's hobbies

Have you ever wondered what the favorites hobbies of one of the best known sovereigns in the world may be ?

Then, this is an article about the hobbies of Queen Elizabeth II.

First, the Queen is fond of dogs. At the moment, she has three corgis that she treats as princes! But she has already had around thirty of them!

Concerning sports, the Queen practises horse riding and parachuting even if she is ninety years old.

She also loves photography, hunting, mechanic, cars and finally the French language.

Next, she really likes rock'n'roll. Indeed in 1965, she met the famous French rock musician Johnny Hallyday and the French singer Sylvie Vartan.

Finally, she only reads detective novels by Agatha Christie, PD James and Dick Francis.