Institution Sainte-Claire

Un collège et un lycée au coeur de Lille

The students talk about their high school:

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In our school, most of the pupils live in Lille.

The majority (more than 50%) comes to school by underground or by bus but some of the pupils come on foot.

Most of the students have been in Ste Claire since high school.

Only a few pupils have lunch at the canteen and most of them eat outside.

In Sainte Claire, more than half of the pupils think that the atmosphere is friendly and family like.

Breaks, lunches and trips are moments students particularly love in a day of school.

The majority of the pupils prefer individual sports like climbing or swimming.

Half of the students arrived in Sainte Claire for their first year of High School; the others had already been there since junior high school.

Sainte Claire is an Institution with great results to the “Brevet des collèges” (the first real exam French pupils have to take at the end of Junior high school) Indeed the school’s success rate is close to 100% every year.

The pupils would like to travel to the U.S.A, but the trip would be too expensive for some of them, so we go to England in order to study English.

The students’ professional projects are very different: from economics to health studies, including social and sciences.