Institution Sainte-Claire

Un collège et un lycée au coeur de Lille

Welcome ...

facadeThe students of Sainte Claire are very glad to welcome you on their English version of the school’s website. They worked hard to provide useful information to foreign visitors.

This page was created by 2 groups of students (1ère ES1/ES2/L and 1ère S1A/S1B/S2) as their English class project in May/June 2014. One group prepared the preliminary work and the other one worked on the completion of the site.

Here’s the list of the students who worked on the project:



Blauwblomme Cindy, Buseyne Laurie, Crouzet Mathilde, Henocq Nicolas, Lemaire martin, Lutun Clémence.



Bajeux Hélène, Campens Marine, Derouiche Myriam, Fiquet Océanne, Goudezoone Jérôme, Kamondji Onésime, Lochet Emmeline, Tissot-Guerratz Sixtine.



Benmark Shaney, Bennaceur Madjid, Boddaert Jeanne, Cavenaïle Romane, Cheval Lise, De Bruyne Charlotte, Martin Arnaud.



Delmotte Gaspard, Lotout Alice, Noël Valentin, Petit-Delclève Ségolène.



Annonier Voctor, Damaj Samy, Drissi Léa, Dulac Bastien (I’m in charge, madam’!), Hranyczka Lucas, Joscht Coralie, Tabouret Rémy, Verhaeghe Alexandre, Vincart Aurélien (Mr Pie Charts master)



Allard Clément, Benrabbah Lilia, Blaise Vianney, Cuenca Alexis, Eysan Bejan, Faccon Appoline, Hottois Laurie (the best secretary ever !), Lienart Camille, Nicot Martin, Poulet Florian, Tabouret



I really would like to thank them for their incredible work and the different skills they showed throughout the project. I learned a lot thanks to you, guys! Keep the good work up!

Mrs M. Terrouche, English teacher.