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Niveau première - Anglais - Contes détournés

Once upon a time a nice wolf family lived in a nice place. This family had nothing except for eating and surviving. There wasn’t any noise in the place they lived. It was a very quiet place. This family was poor but funny and happy.

Then one day, three bad little pigs arrived and built their houses near the wolves’ house. They often made parties and listened to music with many friends. All day long pigs were making noise, were dancing and were singing. The three bad little pigs’ neighbours weren’t happy because of the noise.

Few months later the wolf was revolted by their behaviour, he decided to punish the three bad little pigs for their noisy parties.  With the other neighbours he went to the little pigs’ houses.

« If you stop the noise, you won’t have any problems » the wolf explained.

 But the three bad little pigs didn’t stop the noise and they continued to party hard.

So the wolf decided to punish them and killed one of the three bad little pigs to feed his lovely family. But the other pigs didn’t take notice of the wolf’s warning.

As a result the wolf and his friends killed the second pig and put it on the table to have a big dinner with many people. The last little pig was saved.

The wolf’s family and their neighbours accepted to keep him alive in condition that the little pig should work for them.

Sixtine Tissot-Guerratz 1ère ES2


Once upon a time, there was a giant who lived at the top of a huge beanstalk, above the clouds. He wondered what human civilization was like. With the time, this dream took importance for him and it had made him full of ambitions. He wanted to discover those people.

To his surprise, a human decided to climb the beanstalk because he wanted to know what was at the top of it. As he arrived at the top, he met the giant and he was amazed by him. They were both amazed by each other: The giant did not imagine that humans were so small. When the human arrived, the giant asked him where he was from, the human answered that he was a human from Earth.

They started to talk together, and, to his highest pleasure, the giant asked a lot of questions to the human. He asked him how their mentality was, if they were all together, if they lived in a peaceful world. The Human started to talk about the different events that had made them what they are now like the two world wars. After this, he talked about poverty in Africa and a lot of things that concerned the humans.

The giant had no idea about the humans and when he learnt this, he was so disappointed. He thought that humans lived in community and helped each other. At the end of the debate, the human proposed the giant to go with him to see the human civilization. The giant answered that he didn’t want to discover the human civilization anymore because what he learnt about humans had changed his opinion about them. The human went back to the earth alone and the giant stayed alone, with a great feeling of sadness.


Madjid Bennacoeur 1ère L


Once upon a time in an ugly castle, a king and a queen had a baby girl. She was the ugliest princess and her name was Anna. The king organized a party to celebrate the event and he invited almost all the fairy pigs and a prince who was the son of the king’s brother (His name was Henry) except his stepmother. Nobody liked her. She was so bad that no one watched her in fear of dying immediately. She was angry and changed herself into an old angry fairy pig that nobody recognized. The little princess was baptized and the fairy pigs gave her nice wishes. The first promised that the girl would be the ugliest girl of the country and the second just gave a kiss of luck. The witch approached the bed where the girl was and she gave her a piece of jewelry in which there was all the misfortune of the world.

One day the princess was 18 years old and her father wanted her to get married. So the girl decided to meet a charming ugly prince. The princess had always been in love with Prince Henry. Both were in love and they would get married. When the stepmother learned that, she threw a wish to the prince in which the prince would be beautiful when the princess kissed him.

Some days after the prince kissed the princess for the first time and became beautiful so the ugliest princess broke up.

Finally she lived lonely without children or husband and she slept for the rest of her life.


Mathilde Crouzet 1ère ES1


Once upon a time, there was a very nice giant named Otto. He lived in a big castle in the clouds. He had a pet and loved to play with his hen pet named Clara. Everyday, he was playing with his pet.

One day, a human being named Jack saw a big beanstalk in the country. He decided to climb this beanstalk.

When he arrived up there, he found Otto's castle. Jack discovered a gorgeous and huge castle and saw Clara, Otto's pet. He thought that Clara was a treasure because she was laying gold eggs. So he decided to steal Clara then he went back to his country. Otto looked for Clara for many days and he decided to find Jack.

Two days later, Otto went down the beanstalk to look for Clara. When he arrived in the land of fairy tales, he looked after Jack but there were a lot of Jacks! He was very upset!

Otto knew Jack was wearing a red tee-shirt so he searched many houses but Clara was lost. He shouted her name many times.

Then, after a few days of searching, he finally saw Jack in a market; he ran to catch Jack and screamed "Where is Clara?" Jack was very surprised. Jack brought Otto to his home and Clara had finally been saved.

Otto was very glad to see her again so he punched Jack, took Clara and ran back to the beanstalk. He climbed the beanstalk and arrived in his castle. Otto and Clara lived happily ever after.


JOSCHT Coralie, 1ère S1B


Once upon a time, a country girl and her family lived in a farm with a lot of animals like cows, pigs… The girl was not very beautiful and had only one friend: her pig.

One day, she met a woman in the forest, this one asked her money and the ugly country girl said: “I don’t have money, I’m so sorry”. The woman was angry and decided to cast a spell on her: She would fall asleep if a spider touched her. Then when she was sixteen years old, the girl went in a barn with lots of cobwebs. A spider fell on her big nose and stinger immediately. Si, she fell in a deep sleep for one hundred years. But the spell also touched all her village except the animals and unfortunately all inhabitants fell asleep with her. Although a brave pig tried to wake the girl up.

As he chose to bring a prince to her master because he heard that only a prince would be able to wake up the village. He read a book, a beautiful fairy tale with a princess and a charming prince. So he decided to go to the castle in an another village, a prince arrived because he wanted to be a hero and he go to the farm in order to kiss the ugly girl and wake up somebody up. First, he found that she was very ugly and didn’t want to kiss her but after he remembered that she would become a hero for the whole village.

Then after lots of negotiations he kissed her. But after ten years the breath of the ugly girl was so bad that the prince charming died. Finally, the girl didn’t wake up and still today, the village stayed in a deep sleep.


Alice Lotout 1ère S1A


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in Birmingham. She always wore a red cap and her parents called her "The Little Red Riding Hood". She lived in a small house in the city center with her family. The grandmother loved her because she always went picking some fruits in the forest.
One day the mother said to The Little Red Riding Hood: "Come, I want you and your father to get some milk from the market in Birmingham. It's very important for me." She was extremely happy because she had never been to Birmingham and she loved her father more than her mother.
The morning after, she went to Birmingham with her father. But on the road, they met a wolf. He was very cute. The wolf was a complete stranger to her. She had never seen him before and she had never eaten wolf meat. With her father, they caught him with a blanket and they hid the wolf inside the blanket and then went back home. They were very happy. They locked the wolf in the cellar and they kept him for 6 months. The wolf was very unhappy because he was not with his family. But one day, he found the key of the cellar, he escaped the place. He took The Little Red Riding Hood's cap and he returned in the forest with the red cap because it's cold in winter.


Clément Allard 1S2